Moonlight Transcripts (from

Transcripts for episodes 1-16 in Microsoft Word 2003 documents. Thanks to Essejaja, Lovecat and pinkpaisley from the now defunct for all their hard work transcribing the episodes!

Moonlight Ringtone

This ringtone is the chime heard in Moonlight's opening credit. If you have an iPhone, download the file, unzip, then add to iTunes. For all other phones, download the file MoonlightRingtone.mp3.

Moonlight Fonts

This unzips to several files for the fonts Frankin Gothic (used for the Moonlight logo), Microgramma (used for "Mick St. John Private Investigations" on Mick's office door) and Trajan Pro (used for the Moonlight credits). Franklin Gothic needs to be stretched horizontally by about 150% to because the original font is narrower than the Moonlight logo. Conversely, Microgramma needs to be squeezed horizontally by about 60% because the original font is wider than what's on Mick's office door.

Font samples