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Episode Guides

Episode descriptions are from the CBS press releases.

  1. Twilight

    The Moonlight pilot presentation.

  2. No Such Thing as Vampires

    When a series of vampire-style murders plague LA, immortal invesitgator Mick St. John sets out to find the culprits and re-connects with a woman from his past, Internet reporter Beth Turner, at a crime scene.

  3. Out of the Past

    A killer from Mick's past threatens to reveal the truth about his identity.

  4. Dr. Feelgood

    Mick must stop a newly turned vampire who is on a killing spree.

  5. Fever

    Beth takes drastic measures to save Mick's life when a case they are working forces Mick into the hot desert sun.

  6. Arrested Development

    Mick must find a teenaged vampire who is targeting female escorts.

  7. B.C.

    Mick hunts a powerful vampire from Josef's past.

  8. The Ringer

    Mick investigates an arson that is eerily similar to the fire that killed his ex-wife Coraline.

  9. 12:04 A.M.

    Mick protects a young woman from a murderous cult.

  10. Fleur de Lis

    Beth feels slighted when Mick hires a woman who is a dead ringer for his ex-wife.

  11. Sleeping Beauty

    Mick searches for an assassin after an attempt is made on Josef's life.

  12. Love Lasts Forever

    Mick and Beth must work together when Josh is kidnapped by a drug lord.

  13. The Mortal Cure

    Mick discovers Coraline's secret to being human again.

  14. Fated to Pretend

    Mick's brief encounter with mortality is in jeopardy when Beth is kidnapped by a suspected murderer.

  15. Click

    A Hollywood starlet hires Mick after her life is threatened by the paparazzi.

  16. What's Left Behind

    Mick is forced to face secrets from his past when the grandson of his childhood friend is kidnapped.

  17. Sonata

    Mick and Beth must face the realities of a mortal/immortal relationship when a vampire kills a human during a moment of passion.