I started creating Moonlight banners during the 2007-2008 writers strike to appease my cravings for a Moonlight fix. Around that time I joined some Moonlight fan forums and used the banners as my signature on forum posts.

Feel free to swipe any of these banners. No credit needed.

General Banners

Bittersweet Symphony

My first Moonlight banner! Created while longing for more Moonlight during the writers strike and inspired by the song "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve.

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A collegiate-looking Mick. These publicity photos were taken when Moonlight's original 25-minute pilot presentation Twilight was filmed.

Mick St. John Style

Interview with a dashing vampire.

Immortal Beloved

Moonlight in the style of a romance novel cover. Heh.

Delicate Flower

Beauty and the Beast

One of my favorite banners that I've done. I wondered why Beth used a rose as the wallpaper for Mick on her iPhone. Then I read that the iPhone rose could be a shoutout to Beauty and the Beast, Moonlight co-creator Ron Koslow's other show. I love that it can also reference Mick St. John — delicate flower.

The rose in the test tube is a shoutout to Disney's Beauty and the Beast, one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. One of the iconic images from that depicts the Beast holding a rose (left).

In the movie, the Beast kept the rose in a glass jar — he had to find someone who could love him before the last rose petal fell or he would remain a beast forever. Likewise the blood in the test tube represents Mick's lost humanity and Beth's love is the key that sets him on a journey to regain that humanity.

Angel of Death

A pair of banners playing on the "angel" theme referenced in Mick being Beth's Guardian Angel, and also in Moonlight co-creator Trevor Munson's upcoming novel Angel of Vengeance.

Fallen Angel  
Kindred Spirits

When I saw Mick eating a pink donut in the promos for "Fated to Pretend" someone else came to mind...

Extreme Makeover

I did a tutorial on vampire morphing with Photoshop at Moonlight Con. This was an experiment where I vamped up Mick in the U.K. Moonlight promo style.

Just Like Everyone

The text is an excerpt of the lyrics to "Just Like Everyone" by the Saturn Missiles. The song played in the background when Mick and Leni were in the diner in "Fever" — one of my favorite Moonlight songs even though it was barely heard and easy to miss.

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