Feel free to swipe any of these banners. No credit needed.

Events & Special Occasions

People's Choice Award

Celebrating Moonlight's People's Choice Award win.

Valentine's Day 1

Happy Valentine's Day 2008.

Valentine's Day 2

Happy Valentine's Day 2009.

Moonlight Returns 1

These next three banners promoted Moonlight's return to Friday nights after the writer's strike.

Moonlight Returns 2  
Moonlight Returns 2  
Moonlight at the Paley Center

Promoting the Paley Center's Moonlight event and the Red Cross blood drive that was held in conjunction with it.

Life is Short

This banner was my sig on Moonlight boards during my time of mourning in the months after Moonlight was canceled.

Moonlight 3rd Anniversary

Created for the third anniversary of Moonlight's series premiere.